Sold for 30 Days


Pakhi Das Fantasy

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Flora is a poor peasant girl of the South Orundal Kingdom, who was sold to the prince for 30 days. According to the king, she needs to become the Prince's personal slave for those 30 days and after that, she can return home. To give her siblings a better life, her parents sold her to the Prince without her own will. Now she needs to pretend to be a duchess in front of all royals while attending a wedding with the prince, as well as fulfilling her duty as a slave. But while spending her days with the prince, they fell in love with each other.

Now, what will happen when the king finds out about their forbidden love? Will he accept their relation? Or will they get separated from each other? Will the prince keep loving her even after their days together come to an end? Or will he change his mind to become a powerful king?
Join the epic journey of a prince and slave's love story.
“Mother, father… Can I please not attend the gathering tomorrow? I don't want to be a slave." A gasp filled the whole room as soon as I said those words, like I said something horrible to them.
“What are you saying? Do you know what pleasure it is for a poor peasant like us to become a slave for the royal family? You get a better life, food to full your stomach, new clothes, and money to help your family. How can anyone reject such a good offer?” My mother and father both protest against my request.
“But I don't want to leave you guys…” I said barely above a whisper and with tearful eyes.
“Flora… This is a very good news for us. It will give all of us a chance to have a better life.” My father said.
“And honey… It's still not sure that they will choose you. So many girls around your age will be attending it tomorrow. We will see, what happens when it's time.” I couldn't say anything further after my mother said those words. If they want me to go there, I can't fight them about it. For now, I can only hope that the prince doesn't choose me.


Tags: forbiddenkickass heroineprincebxgslaverymedievalroyalkingdom buildingwarweak to strong
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Author's note..

Hello everyone.

Thank you so much to all of my readers for giving my book a chance. I appreciate all of your supports. English is not my first language, so I know there is a lot of grammar, verb, and tense mistakes. Please compromise for me now, and I promise that I will try my best to fix these mistakes. But over all, I hope you liked my……


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