Enslaving The Heiress

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"Princess, he's a dangerous man. How come he knows of you?" Rah asked with vigor in his words, careful not to cause her any stress than he already has.
She could only bite her lips; fear had engulfed her body like a second skin. The horror to what Rah's reaction might be, to how he would react - she found herself getting deep by that idea.
"It's okay if you don't tell me, Princess," he offered, placing his hands to my cheeks, "Just be with me."


Popularly known as "Princess" in the industry, Aeira lived a very luxurious life with her wealthy family. She lives in a perfect home, glamoured with everything fancy. Her parents, no matter how busy they were, would always make time for her.
In the public's eye, she was the luckiest girl alive. That's why one would question, why would she run away from it all?


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Chapter Fourteen: Being the muse



{aeira ysvette zephyr's point of view} 

    "ARCHI ARCHI ARE you all ready for the game? It's close to the time!" 

    I rolled my eyes even if I wanted to laugh at how her accent in terms of speaking. It would seem like she ha……