Aftermath Book Two Crash Series


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He's finally gone. the man that's haunted me forever and I should feel free right? I should be happy? Then why is he still here in my nightmares and anytime I close my eyes? I may have gotten rid of my abuser but I paid for it with my own soul and now I need redemption.
Every day Mason grows tenser, more stressed. I can slowly see him unraveling. Yet Edward grows more powerful and the Russian Mob more aggressive. It's only a matter of time before Dixie is lost to Mason and Jaxson forever, leaving thousands unemployed and a legacy ruined.
If Mase is connected to a scandal as huge as this one he'll never be able to run for office and make the changes he desperately wants to see in the world. Changes that are close to my own heart. I can't let his dreams slip away when he's given me all of mine.
That's how I find myself going undercover at night while during the day I'm forced to endure wedding preps alongside a snide Cynthia, opening Shirley's, and forced into therapy.
I mean what can go wrong for klutz like me in the aftermath of a Crash so epic I'll never stop feeling the impacts. Even while lives are threatened and a new Crash is only a matter of when not if.


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