Love Beyond Boundaries (man×man)


haze_294 LGBT+

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Elijah Wright is a worker in LGBT Male Dungeons. He only witnessed the cruelty of the world. For him bonding is just a physical relation.

But what happens when Vincent Carson, the deadliest and the most feared Mafia finds a sudden interest in Elijah?

What will happen when two different personalities and world will collide?

"How about you start with why people are so scared of you."

"I see, dearest Elijah, that your mind has already guessed the answer. Come on, say it out loud." I shook my head, suddenly anxiousness crawling my skin. My mind had guessed the deadliest job. He always does this. He always make me answer my own questions.

"Oh, come on," He was taunting me. His silver orbs dangerously bored into my dull amber eyes. I gulped the fear, looking into his dicey orbs.

"You wo-work for the Maf-Mafia," He cackled so hard that even my dusky skin burned into crimson. I glared at the seat, my fists clenched and he was taking amusement into my stammering and the words. I knew I was wrong. Mafia doesn't exist anymore. He was just a businessman. Just a—

"I am the Mafia. The boss of the Italian mob."


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The Wedding

My grip on Vincent was vice. My eyes were clenched and Vincent also had his death grip on me. As if both of us were fearing the bullet, Romano had already shot. I was waiting for the pain, for the shear pain that often knocked breath out of the people. I, indeed heard a scream of pain but I never felt pain.

It was like, the bullet was……


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