Grey Moon Romance

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-Grace was living a normal life, a great boyfriend, loving family and a great work. As she enters a new stage in her life, she thinks the biggest challenge would be to adapt to working life, but everything will change when she meets HIM.

-His life has been long, 80 years looking for his mate. Keeping his pack together and in peace has taken all his time and energy. He is already not the same he was, a cold and distant alpha is what is left. He has already given up on finding what he is looking for, but what happens when destiny comes and he discovers that what he has always looking for is a human, the mate of the alpha king is human and in love with someone else, "don’t she feels the pull?"...


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I couldn’t say goodbye, the continuation is playing on my head day and night.

How will Gabe adapt to his new duties?

Would Zac and Grace be really okay?

Sam is going to be the beta or wouldn’t like to be ordered by his brother?

When Maria finds her mate would she leave the pack or the mate will join?

Who ……