Romance with the Cursed Siren


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Crystal Alonzo is a young and lovely lady but born with a curse, she has a tail like a fish which whenever the sun sets it will turn into a pair of legs and feet, then switches to tail again when the sun rises. Every day she and her parents endure her painful transformation and could only end once they finally find the mysterious bloody pearl, a red pearl that is known to heal every kind of pain and curse. But this punishment wasn't hers but for her mother who broke the rules and went up above the surface and fell in love with a human.

Crystal is naive about everything except for the things she has in the Caro Island where they lived in, but not until she met Gabriel Anderson,

After a disastrous night with a raging typhoon, the island got an unexpected guest, a very handsome-looking and humble man named, Gabriel Anderson. The sole heir of Anderson Industries, but recently went on an escapade to run away from the painful experiences he had in the city and was cast away with his yacht because of the furious weather to the Caro Island and meet the only family living there and their only daughter Crystal.

He will show Crystal everything she hasn't seen and experienced in her life yet and made her feel the most wonderful thing in the whole world that even made her mother break the rules that cause her to be punished.

But how can he be able to thrive on the romance he had with the cursed siren?

Will Crystal find the cure for the curse? But what if she finally finds it? Will she have an option where to stay? Underwater or land?


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CHAPTER 47. Getting Caught

Crystal's entire body felt heavy, especially her head, as she yanked her hair harshly, thinking it could ease some pain, but it didn't work. However, it couldn't be a reason for her not to move, as the sun is about to rise any minute. She stayed lying on the couch while taking off her underwear, then rolled that made her body drop hardly on the ……