As The Moon Phases


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New Orleans can be a culture haven, with its food, art, festivals and spirit but beneath all that is a world of mystery and magic, a world that many tourist come to explore but think it a joke.

Rowan moves to New Orleans for what she hopes to be her last new start. For the past four years she has moved seven times in hopes to find peace from a force that will stop at nothing to take her life.

Once Rowan arrives in town she finds herself meeting the first group of friends she has had since the age of thirteen. Quinn, the intelligent best friend, Riley the courageous daredevil, Mona the light and noble, Carrick the rock, Liam the protector and Declan the good. These six people are a group of friends that allow her to join their circle.

Once she takes a job at a voodoo shop she finds out a long hidden secret about her family and powers she didn’t know she possessed. She also learns the answer to the one question she has been asking herself for years.

Then she meets Darcy. A boy that used to belong to the group but whose family lead him down a path of dark magic. She finds herself torn beeen o boys. Declan is sweet and kind and she knows with him she would be safe and taken care of. Darcy was the opposite he was dangerous and pushed her past her comfort zone into a passion that she never knew existed. She must decide to follow fate or to defy the Gods and choose love.

But Rowan was given one warning from her mentor, someone she is close with is not trusorthy. Will she figure it all out before it’s too late?


Tags: love-trianglereincarnation/transmigrationopposites attractpowerfulwitch/wizardbxgmoon goddnessvirginFantasy Romance Ⅱ Writing Contest
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    My eyes flutter open but it is dark. The dream I had was so vivid. And soon the memories return along with my body aches and headache. It wasn't a dream.


    I turn my head to the voice and try to adjust my eyes to the darkness. It takes a minute but I see Quinn sitting on a couc……