Dangerous Love With Mr.President

SummerFlower Romance

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The public never expect that one day the president would marry Anna, the eldest daughter of the Chapman’s who has bad reputation instead of the second daughter who is likeable and popular among the people.

“I really like you, Mr.president,” Anna said.
“Sorry, but it is not a mutual affection.” The president Edmund replied with a poker face.
Anna and Edmund grew up together.
Back to those years, Anna loved him with all her heart, but all she got was the betrayal.
She was devastated and decided to escape from those so-called friends and relatives for three years
When she came back, she still wanted nothing to do with them.
However, Edmund gave her a proposal.


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240Three Years Ago, Her Past!



Anna suddenly felt extremely cold. The ferocious cold turned into the sharpest knife to cut her heart.


Edmund held her in his arms and seemed to have said something to Anna. But Anna couldn’t hear anything. She just felt the cool air spread from the bones to every pore of her body. Every pore……