Ran_Gee Romance

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Wealth, friends, career, and a happy family, Katrina had everything she could ask for, leads everyone to want to be in her shoes. She's not a spoiled brat. She only gets easily what she wants.

Until one day, she found out that she and her parents aren't related by blood. She ran away from home after getting hurt. She went to his boyfriend's condo and caught him with another girl. Katrina is all torn up.

Confused and alone, she decided to leave and went to a place where no one could find her—in Barrio Masilang.
There, she met a guy who didn't get affected by her charm. A guy name Delfin caught Katrina's attention for being a hard one to get.

Upon escaping from the darkness, she finds herself falling in love with him.

Will she stay or run away again if she finds out a secret about Delfin's past?


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