Cursed Fate

Mika Hiwatari Fantasy

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Everyone knows vampires aren’t good.
The thing is, even though we are not good doesn't mean we want to be bad.
From the beginning of time, we have been hunted down, along with many other supernatural creatures. To protect us, Subterra Academy was created, a school where all of us can be ourselves.
But what happens when, in a sick ist of fate, a werewolf and a vampire turn out to be mates?
How will they overcome the fact that werewolf blood is extremely poisonous to a vampire?
There are many mysteries to be unfolded, an ancient curse to be revealed, and a powerful woman who can bring about the end of the world.
Everything is so much more than what you can see at first sight.
So, trust me, the story ahead is much more interesting.


Tags: adventurefatedsecond chancefriends to loverskickass heroinebxg
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