Secret Love Affairs [BxB 18+]


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[P.S.: this story contains VERY MATURE and explicit 18+ scenes.]

"There is no more censorship restricting us here." The younger he's guttural voice sounded more seducing than ever, striking a lightning-like sensation into the air. "Just let it go, babe."

With that, the older he set everything loose: his protective wall, pride, and voice as the two bodies found their releases together.

They slipped to the floor, panting and bathing in the afterglow that just had their consciences run wild.


Yi and Xia are the new rising stars for the popular bromance drama (BL). The times they spend together onset make them develop romantic feelings for each other. How they wish there were kisses and intimate scenes. However, with the censorship that prevents intimate contact, they have no choice but to be alert in the public eyes.

To never show their genuine feelings on screen.

But it is an entirely different story when the director shouts 'cut,' accompanied by the cameras' shutter's sound to show a wrap up of the shooting.

Now that they are free from restrictions, flashes, and public eyes, how will Xia and Yi enjoy their time together behind closed doors?


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