My Fake Actor Boyfriend


Lost in love Romance

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Melina is starring in on of Hollywood's most popular TV series, but then they hire a new co-star.. the last person in the world she wants to be close to Asher Gracer… A quite famous actor and a scoop for the show.

She has hated him since she played opposite him in her very first role and she felt he utilized her naivety and used her.

Now she needs to work with him if she doesn't want to risk her career, but can she ? And is he as bad as she thinks and believes ? Or is he much worse ? And what happens when the studio's manager and the show's producer get an idea to boost their numbers ?


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48: Epilogue

 Almost 5 years later


 I look around.. wondering how I ended up here.. I am in a big rural garden.. there is palm trees and that paired with everything else gives away that I am somewhere in the LA area.. now I do recognise the place.

 I look up seeing the house.. it is a big ……