Love My EX-wife

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Rison Golden was handsome, tall with a good figure and of superior ability. It was a pity that his personality was so cold. Just like a robot.
He agreed to the forced marriage brought to him by his parents without hesitation because he had never loved any woman anyway.
The woman who broke into his office and dared to look him in the eyes... That woman sparked his interest!
He decided to divorce his quiet and docile wife and pursue his one true love.
However, the one he thought was his true love had him bored in just a few days.
Of course, he involuntarily and uncontrollably began to deeply miss his ex-wife...
Sarah Watson Golden couldn’t have imagined that such a big event in her life could have been decided so easily!
Her father was only a driver for the Goldens. How could she refuse to marry the son of the Goldens family?
After she married, she had a daughter and even fell in love with her husband.
The o of them had always been respectful to each other. She couldn’t have imagined in her wildest dreams he would disrespect her this way.
 He told her he had found his one true love. So he had decided to abandon her and his daughter?!


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