Beyond The Night (MxM)


Takano Masamune LGBT+

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*COMPLETED* Alex blushed hearing himself moan just like a woman. He tried to put his hands on his mouth to stop himself. But each time Vincent touched him, Alex trembled uncontrollably. Feeling his erection harden, there was no strength left in his body. Alex didn’t want to be pushed down by another man! But he felt so good that he couldn’t push Vincent away. His thights trembled and opened wider on their own accord... Then, he woke up.

Alex had been having these types of dreams ever since his boss, the CEO of LIBERATED - Vincent Raycarlton had confessed his feelings to him. Is their relationship going to florish or falter with the given circamstances?


Tags: billionairedarkpossessivesexopposites attractdominantCEOoffice/work placemxmWerewolf/Billionaire LGBT+ Writing Contest Ⅱ
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Character Information

Main Cast of Characters:

Name Vincent Raycarlton
Alias Iceberg
Age 27
Birthday August 12
Zodiac LEO
Height 182 cm
Occupation Chief Executive Officer in Liberated
Family Unnamed Parents, Unnamed Elder Brother
Novel Apperance Volume 1 - Chapter 1 - Invite (1)


Name Alex
Alias Blondie
Age 23