The Rebound


ririafri2020 Romance

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On the night she catches her boyfriend of 8 years cheating on her, Tatiana Walsh gets wasted. The next day, she's clueless as she finds herself in a hotel room... naked, beside a gorgeous, hot stranger. She decides to leave... because that's how one night stands work, right? Besides, as they say... what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.... But does it? What if sex wasn't the only thing she did with this handsome stranger in Vegas...


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Tiana's gift


The past week has been crazy. Thankfully, we finally signed the contract today. And the first thing that comes to my mind is Tiana.

I haven’t had much time to take her out on dates lately because I was so busy at work. Thankfully though, she lets me pick her up most nights… no matter how late it is… and she sleeps……