Mending the Broken

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"Marry me," He says, his expression impassive as usual.

I resist the urge to rip out his throat. How dare he? "Marry you? I'd rather die."
. . .

Tired of the problems at home, Amal has always wanted to escape to somewhere peaceful. But when the problems get out of hand, she's desperate to leave.

That's where Aahil steps into the picture. Amal would rather die than accept his help-with good reason, too.

She blames him for whatever happened to her as a child.
But Aahil has secrets of his own. He does nothing to clear Amal's misunderstandings.

Soon Amal is left with no choice but to marry the rich jerk. Or is he?

. . .

Sequel to 'Breaking Her Walls'.
Can be read as a standalone but it is preferred to read Breaking Her Walls prior to this.


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Chapter 48


When I wake up sometime in the night, I can’t believe I’ve slept so much—from yesterday evening till now. There has never been a time in my life after growing up that I’ve had a good night of sleep. For a second, I feel happy. 

Until . . .

Until I feel the heaviness weighing down on my eyes and the constant th……