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Falling for a Billionaire- Redeem Ex's Love Writing Contest


“I love you”, he says to me.

I laugh with no emotions behind it, “you love me? Did you forget what you did to me?” I glare at him.

I wanted to hear those words before, but now I don’t care.

He looks down in shame, “I’m sorry, I should-”

“You should have loved your wife instead of-”, I stop myself and shake my head.

“I’m really sorry, please forgive me”, he tries to hold my hand, but I pull away.

“I can’t, you hurt me too much”, I shake my head.

“Sarah please”, he pleads.

I ignore him and close the door behind me, ignoring all the stares and a smirk from a particular person.
Sarah Barlowe is 24 years old, the daughter of Aiden Barlowe, CEO of Barlowe Tech Company and best friend with her ‘arranged marriage husband’ younger brother.

Alaric Hale is 26 years old, future CEO of Hale Industries and somehow been put into an arrange marriage with his father’s close friend’s youngest daughter without his consent.

Sarah and Alaric have known each other for quite some time because of her friendship with Alaric’s younger brother and their fathers’ as well.

Their love story starts unexpectedly and there are people who aren’t happy about the newlywed couples neither.

When Alaric made a mistake, Sarah disappeared. He vowed when she returns or when he finds her, he will hold on and never let go.

But will Sarah give him the chance to execute his plans?


Tags: second chancearrogantbossdramasweethumorousbrilliantfemale leadmale leadStary Writing Academy III
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Sarah's POV:

6 months later...

We're back in Seattle now and the twins are so big now, they officially hit their six months milestone, soon they'll be creeping, they both can sit up on their own. Lilianna has started to rock back and forth on her hands and knees when I put her on the playing mat wi……


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