Samuel Graves and the Akemic Chronicles

Nick Paschall Game

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Samuel Graves isn't what one would describe as a "people person".

He doesn't get along with his peers, mostly due to the fact that they can't see past his rather... dry humor and lack of desire to engage in typical teenager activities.

Like hanging out, or going to sports events, or joining study groups.

This makes it easier for him when he finds himself thrown into an old video game he dug up from his garage. Where in the normal world he was a skinny weirdo that got bullied for being himself, on Terra he's a burgeoning adventurer with the whole world before him!

Or, it would be... if he could figure out how to use these godforsaken menus!


Tags: comedybxgwittyswordsman/swordswomanmagical worldanother worldsupernatural
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