Our Roots

Tina Louise ChickLit

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Ryder and Courtney are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary in a big way, bringing their family together for the first time in years.

Mia, Ryder's little sister, has been keeping a big secret from her family for months now and has to face them at her brother's anniversary party.

CJ and Piti have just become engaged, but when CJ's little brother, Russ, shows up to the party, Piti finds herself in a scandalous situation.

Everyone leaves the party that night with something that threatens to tear their relationships apart and they spend months fighting the battle of a lifetime....and they are all involved.

When tragedy brings them back together again, they are forced to confront the secrets beeen them.

But when you're all connected to the same roots, you need each other more than you know.


Tags: familyfriends to loversdramatragedycomedysweethumorousbetrayalfriendshipillness
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