Sycamore, Stars and the Air Between

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*COMPLETE* A chuckle. Deep and guttural. I moan again. Slick hands flip me back around. His eyes break me. Sexy and demanding. They free me of my conscience in an instant. "Kiss me." I say. I hardly recognize the voice, sultry and breathless. His eyes widen with surprise.
Then his lips are on mine. Not shy, no hint of softness. All want. As if the kiss is his salvation. He crashes into me and I give it right back. So long, I was untouched.
Too long.


Junior year was Ashley's year. Her little brother was coming to join her at university, she signed a lease on an awesome apartment and her crush Christian was finally going to notice her.
Kellan "Ace" Lodge traveled across the country to see her, his childhood love, his best friends older sister. She wouldn't be able to brush him off like she used to, he was a man now. He knew what he wanted and he was going to get it.


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"Stop that!" I say, batting away Kellan's arm.

He chuckles, ignoring me and securing his hand around my waist. "I can't help myself." His hand slips lower giving a pat, "You look beautiful." He tells me pressing a kiss just below my ear.

Twisting in his arms, I gaze up at him, at the hazel swirl looking back at me. Reaching up to dra……