Broken Mate


Norisha May Paranormal

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Evan comes near to the table next to me smirking and starts to pour his own drink, then he starts whistling that tune. The tune that makes me numb, my body shakes and the tray that I was holding falls with a loud shatter but I'm not in this room anymore. My mind is back at that moment, back in that room with Evan.
"No no no no no no no." I say in a whisper whimpering as I lower my self to the ground. I sit lowering my head and tuck my knees in covering my head with my shaky hands. I remember everything that he did back then, how he was touching me, holding me with force.
I feel someone touch me and say something but I can't make it out. I panic and start swinging my hands trying to get them away from me.
"Don't touch me!, Don't touch me!!" I yell and then feel someone slap me.
I look up with tear streaming down my face and finally notice the Luna, she is looking at me with a pissed expression. I look around the room and everyone is looking at me shocked except for Alpha Cristian who has a bloodied nose and looks at me like he can't believe what I just did.
(Oh no....did I hit him?.....I am so dead.)

Author: Warning- If you have read my previous books then I must warn you that this one will be different. It is a smidge darker.


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