One Night Stand With A Stranger CEO

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"Where am I? Why can't I see anything?"

Patricia was wondering, before sometime she was out of salon. She was going to the marriage registration hall. Martin was waiting for her and suddenly, She heard a well known threatening voice,

" Are you awake darling"

This was Richard. Patricia was scared to death.

" What are you doing here?"She was shivering. Her heartbeat was getting fast. she was struggling for escape but her hand was tie, her eyes were tied with clothe.Richard opened her eyes.

" Darling, you look so beautiful in this dress. but how do you think about marrying with martin?" He came close to her and kissed her hard. Patricia turned her head on the other side and tried to escape from that place.

" You were enjoying my kiss that day. Now you wanted to escape me. What do you think I will let you go with that martin. I think I shouldn't go easy on you." While saying this, Richards tone became robust and he tore her dress brutally. She became half n**d in front of him. He started touching her each and every part.

" You are such an bastard. No one is more cruel and shameless than you. Martin is waiting for me in registration hall. Let me go you a*s-hole." Her eyes were raging a different kind of fire. She was struggling hard.

"Do martin make you so pleasured as I do?" He sounded so harsh. He completely tore her dress. Now she is totally n**d in front of him.


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