Clockwork Maiden, Literally.

NAF12 Fantasy

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Eva Chronodia is your everyday young girl. Her magecraft allows her to manipulate time. But her unassuming-yet-reckless attitude made her power unacknowledged by everyone, making it impossible for her to gain any rank on the list of magecraft, even being in the state mages' organization, The Crimson Meister.

Silly as it seems, Eva has a goal to solve the mystery behind her curse, The Red Cross. Her curse appeared ever since she used the power to go back in time for 100 times, which now she is unable to do anymore. She's condemned by the 'nature' for breaking the taboo law of magecrafts.

Eva Chronodia wants to do what she can with her magecraft in order to return to her previous peaceful life and to destroy the curse that shrouded within herself. Can she really do it, though?


Tags: adventuretime-travelbraveconfidentcomedymysterymagemagical worldwitchcraftweak to strong
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