Death Do Us Part


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“Have you ever hurt a woman?”
I knew what she meant but decided to play dumb,
“Well, I would like to believe that I have wounded some of their hearts…” I replied then with a tell-tale wink added, “…and hurt at least some of them to their liking.”
She had the nerves to look annoyed!
She rephrased the question,
“Have you ever, intentionally, physically hurt a woman in a way that caused her distress or physical injury?”
-“A child?”
-“An old person?”
-“Have you ever sexually assaulted a woman…”
-“I believe, I have already answered this question…” I cut in, unable to control anymore.
Unfezed by my protest she finished her question, “...or became an accessory in it or, helped someone to get away with it, willingly or unknowingly?”
-“A child?”
She had no idea how much danger she was in. I somehow controlled the rage that was threatening to surface and said, “No”
Her interrogation was over, but I was just getting started.
-“That’s it?” I asked and she looked confused.
-“So it’s alright for me to assault people unless they are women, children or old men?” I prodded.
At least she had the decency to look ashamed.
"Just because I said that I did not, can you be sure that I actually never did hurt any of the people you just listed? What makes you think that a master deceiver like me would be honest with you?"
“What if I killed a hundred men, savaged women double that number, brutally mistreated an innumerable number of children, yet lied to your face? Is my “no” enough for you to let go of that suspicion? Are you that gullible? Or is your ego that easily satisfied, because the salary that I am paying you is too difficult to let go of?
...Can you be sure that I am not shuffling through ways of torturing you in my mind, right at this moment…and that once I am done shuffling I would not turn your life into a living hell?”
I couldn't recollect crossing the distance from my chair to hers and towering over her in my blinding rage, but when I realized what I was doing and prepared to back off, she surprised me with her reply...
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