The Killing Mystery

Juylna Suspense/Thriller

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Death is roaming the city, taking the not so innocent lives. The killer is not stopping until they are all down.

When the words, death and protect, become the only word she can think of, she knows that she's long gone.

But she can't understand why is he doing what he's now.

Is it revenge? Is it hate? What is his motivation?

And why did he choose her?

Detective Haul Williams and Oliver stone are trying desperately to find who the killer is, but only face a dead end as whoever they are, is extremely smart, not leaving an evidence.

What happens when betrayal, fear, and secrets come in the way?

What are the secrets that shouldn't ever be told?

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Tags: ActionMurderRevengeSerial-killerDarkManipulativePsychoPoliceMillionaireGirlpowerContest
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