Lie to Logic

Isabelle Sweet Romance

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Cindy’s opinion of Spencer Matthews:
1. He used logic to pry into others’ private lives.
2. You must be on guard when talking to Spencer, lest you fall into his traps.
3.He was stunningly handsome.

Spencer’s opinion of Cindy Bell:
If a woman lacked intelligence, she should make up for it in looks. He calculated Cindy’s cup size based on the curve below her neck and compared her bodily proportions to the ‘golden ratio.’ Conclusion: she was worthless.


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Chapter 36: Cursed

Cindy, when she was in medical school, audited a few courses in psychology. The method of loci, a method of memory enhancement, dated back to ancient Greece. It was also a kind of light trance, reproduced in various films and television programs. However; the method was not as good as touted. It was only a deceptive trick if poorly commanded. It……