You Had Me With Your Lies

Iffu Winchester Romance

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"Tell me you don't love me."

"Tell me I am lying when I say I love you."
His erratic breath caressed her lips, his furious gaze daring her to continue her isted tray of lies.

"Blake." She gasped, placing her shivering palms on his chest.

"Tell me we had nothing beeen us! And then I will let you go forever."
enty four year old Blake Parker is struggling with the aftermath of alcohol addiction, his inferiority
complex and his family's extravagant lifestyle was not of much help either.

enty one year old Melanie Travis was ready to do anything to earn a living after her father suddenly dies
in a car crash, leaving behind her 13 year old sister, a bunch full of stalkers and lot of debts. 

When these o meet, Blake eventually tends to confide in her, while she is willing to pretend to be the
'one' for him if that means making money.


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