Prisoner of Posessive Love


Marion Artwood Paranormal

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Alyssa is a 19-year old werewolf, who’s main ambition in life is to become the first female alpha in history of her pack. Her dream is completely ruined when she finds out that the o most scared werewolves in the world are actually her mates. And she needs to choose only one of them. Not to mention that they are brothers who hate each other and are at war for power and dominance.


Tags: alphaotherspossessivesexkidnapmatecounterattackdominantWriting challenge
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Bonus Chapter

I walk down the aisle and see Demitry not turning away his gaze from me even for a second. My eyes spark when I pass him, so he knows that I want him too. But today is not about us. 
 “Concentrate on your duties!”, I tell him via mind link,  “You are the best man after all”
 “Got it!”,  he nods,  “But right af……