S.A. Wilson Science Fiction

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Andrea Anderson is an elementary school teacher in Toronto who has just been replaced by an android. While she scrambles to figure out how to live without employment, her husband also loses his job. He's a respected neurosurgeon but is nevertheless replaced by an automated surgical beast made by the RoboNomics Corporation.

But just when Andrea's about to give up all hope of ever teaching again, she meets Chris O'Neill. Chris is the leader of a robotics protest group, and is willing to do anything to get his job back. But can Andrea sacrifice her principles to be a teacher again? Will she give up her reputation and everything she loves to get rid of the robots and get her life back to the way it was before they appeared? As the city and the world sink into deep financial crisis, she's going to have to make a choice: humans or robots.


Tags: sexkidnapgoodgirlsensitivepowerfulothersbxg
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Rupert's eyes flick open with abrupt and startling rapidity.

When he first went down, Austin and I brought him to the iTronics building. It's not as if we could take him to the hospital, and we didn't know where else to go. There, the machines went to work on him. They spent three weeks, not only repairing his circuitry and the gaping hole……


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