To Aurum With Hate


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Seventeen-year-old Princess Sirena has been shipped from her home country of Aeris, to Aurum, to marry young Prince Zale. Their courtship will last a year so that the young royals can get to know each other and finish school. Sirena arrives with the intention of killing Zale so that she won’t have to marry him, but after developing a crush on Zale’s guard Antero, Sirena reluctantly decides to put her plans to kill him away as a kindness to Antero. However, Sirena’s young sister Neri comes to visit for the holidays, and Sirena finds her sister dead, killed by a revolutionary group known as The Argenti. Sirena was kidnapped by The Argenti when she first arrived and rumors circle that Sirena worked with them to sacrifice her sister to start a revolution against Zale. But Sirena, against all odds, has fallen in love with Zale during her time in Aurum as she starts to understand the country and their goals for the world. But Zale will not listen to her because he thinks Sirena is in love with Antero. Together, the two must team up to find out who murdered Sirena’s sister, and get themselves back in Zale’s good graces before he kills them for treason and the alliance between Aeris and Aurum comes to an end.


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