Enchanted Eyes : The Sect Master Reincarnated Wife

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He said, "Let's get married when we grow up"
He said, "I will always love you the way you are"
but he also said, "I love her now, I always love you like a sister".

Is it wrong for me to fight for my love? For my own fiancée? Is scheming is not allowed? Everyone is condemning me, but what about her? Why did everyone is praising her while she take what was mine at the first place?

True, she is the heroine while I'm the villainess. Even villainess is worthy of love but why am I not? Worthy or not, I will get back what I'm worthy of and it started with the proudest of the heroine's backer. I will hurt you and break you as you did to me!

Li Xi Rui is the first miss born from the only wife of the Left Prime Minister. Growing up, she has been pampered and sheltered by her family. She has been betrothed to the crown prince of the Qi kingdom since childhood. Life seems beautiful till the day she was cast aside and humiliated by her own fiancée and his brother, the Second Prince. By sheer determination, she schemes her way to take back her fiancée. But, the second prince managed to deflect all the plan and as a result her family died and she was thrown to the dungeon and left there to be forgotten. While the prison guard try to force himself on her, she killed herself and managed to be reincarnated. But it was too late, the time she have been reincarnated is the time when her engagement has been annulled. This time, she will cherish her family but it doesn't mean she will blindly accept her fate. She will first get her revenge!


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Disclaimer: Read with discretion. Some smutty scene~

Up on a hill, a black robed man is standing. His white hair fluttering with the wind. The crescent jewel on his forehead emitting soft glow. His eyes staring at the horizon, watching nothing.

"Li Xi Rui, Jie, this is the turning point of your life. Beware of the peopl……