The Furies

Shreya Chakraborty Fantasy

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What could be worse than losing everything you have including your life?? Probably nothing..
But what if a chance was given to come back in order to seek vengeance for what had been done to you and your soul. Would you take it? They did.
Alex, Megan and Tiara did take that chance to wreak vengeance on mankind and all those who had wronged them in their life. Who were they??
Will they find someone who actually do love them? Will they find out that all men are not the same? That some promises made however tough they are, are finally kept, whatever the cost might be....
Read on in order to know more about the Furies....


Tags: ParanormalVampireWerewolfDarkReincarnationDominantKickass HeroinePowerfulGirlpowerContestBxG
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Chapter 1

She was running. She had no idea for how long she had been running but she had been running since she had heard the shouts of the men at a distance, almost at the edge of the forest. She was carrying her nine month old baby girl in her arms. Her skirt was getting tangled in her feet making her stumble quite a few times but she could not fall. Sh……