The brother

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All your life, you've been a rebel and a black sheep to your family. You're anywhere you wanted to be, whenever you want you to be.... Nobody can touch you, control you - not even your parents.

A wild soul... Young and free...

But what if one day, you find yourself stuck inside a convenience store, all dressed up as a clerk and you can't do anything about it. No car, no allowance, no travel, no bungee jumping, no street racing... No nothing.

If it isn't the worst, you found yourself in front of a drop-dead gorgeous guy who's shooting daggers at you for making his five-year-old bratty sister cry.

What would you do, would you back down and let that kid continue to piss you off while acting all spoiled?

Or would you rather deal with her obnoxious hot brother who's handsome enough to make your boring clerk-life a lot more colorful?

Whatever it is, you're in for a roller coaster ride. After all, the gorgeous brother isn't just someone....


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the end

Yoona's POV

My grin widens as I watch the boys perform on stage.

Finally, Bangtan is back. And the fans welcomed them with arms wide open.

They were having their comeback concert and even their idol friends came to watch and I almost swoon over them.


Don't get me wrong okay. Th……