Bad Sex: His uncle's mistress

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Alessa is sent by her fiancé to his Uncle Brian’s bed. Shocked and disgusted, she tries to escape but he doesn’t give up so easily… At the same time, Kevin, Alessa’s childhood sweetheart arrives out to save her from the abyss but soon the three of them are pulled into a whirlpool of power, money, love and desire.

Hi, my dear reader, my new book: His Spoiled Reborn Bride is coming, it's a sweet and romantic story, hope you like it, here is the blurb:

The day Isabel ran away from her wedding had turned out to be her forever nightmare.

Last previous, she was cheated by Noah, who lured her to leave her husband Howard and run away from the wedding, but later Noah showed his true color, he sent her into prison fas his scapegoat, finally she died in prison with endless hatred.

God gave her another chance to reborn, she finally knew the one who really loved her only her husband Howard, this time she will spare no effort to cherish his love!

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