Unknowingly falling

Renate Hallangen Aronsson Teen fiction

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A good old love triangle is about to unfold.
Mary montgomery is the typical 17 year old sweet good girl.
Sean is the typical 17 year old player, or badboy if you will.
It's the same as always, except for one night where the tables are turned.
Mary does something completely out of character and makes Sean a deal he can't refuse. One night together, and a promise of no strings attached.
But what they didn't consider is the possibility of Sean falling for her after that night.
Now she has to deal with his constant advances, while trying to score a date with the new guy Alex. Mary likes Alex, Alex likes Mary and Sean will stop at nothing to get Mary to be his. After all, Sean is the most popular guy at school, should be easy, right? After all, no girl has ever said no to him, except for Mary.


Tags: Love-trianglePossessiveOne-night StandFriends to LoversHighschoolPlayboyBadboyFootball PlayerDramaBxG
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When they open up

Chapter 11

Thursday had gone surprisingly okay, not that it was a great day, but nothing more bad has happened. I was happy and sad at the same time that Sean had stayed away from that whole day, if it were not from the tingling feeling I have that things are far from over. Even though I was the one that closed the ……