Unwanted Mating Bond

Bosy Elselhdar Vampire/Werewolf

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Two complete strangers, The Next-in -Line to be Alpha of Green hell pack and The Next-in-line female Alpha of The bloody pack were trapped into Arranged mating to emerge their packs.

They weren't supposed to be mated to each other, but their younger siblings. But somehow they found themselves with no choice but to be mated to not look like fools.

Life was good, except that Julia ex-boyfriend Alpha Mark couldn't let her go. So, he kept doing his best to ruin that mating bond. He even kidnapped her.

With possessive Alpha like Alpha Xander, Julia had no choice but to submit to her mate. They were so forced at the beginning, but later she realized that he was her real mate.

Love bloomed, but soon dimmed when her mate Alpha Xander disappeared after leaving her the cruel, harsh letter ever breaking the mating bond between them Because she wasn't able to get pregnant.


"Take those pills now." He commanded me.
I mumbled "What is that?"
He raised his brows and pushed it into my mouth by force, then said "Take it." his graving tone made me shiver. I didn't know what was that? I was really submitting to him. But Not scared. I just felt like a mating bond between us.

I gulped and then he pinned me in a blink of an eye to the wall "Good girl It's for__" he lingered his words and side eyed me moving his eyes down to my bottom.

Then he seductively whispered in my ear "It's to make the penetration easier. It's the time to lose your virginity. Baby girl."


Tags: AlphaLove-trianglePossessiveLove after MarriageForcedArranged MarriageDramaTragedySweetBxG
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