THAT BAD ONE - by Yves Chanelle

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[18+] MATURE CONTENT! Stuck to a jerk from birth isn't easy. Especially if you were betrothed to him. That is Shayenne's sad story. But all that changes when she meets this sexy movie producer, young, way too hot and full of life! Shane. Oh he's ready to make her discover a whole lot of new things; better sex, better love and much more! Shayenne being naive and loyal to her jerk of a fiancee, Josh, from birth, is afraid to betray him because she thinks she loves him. Wait until she meets Shane. See if she remains loyal to Josh.

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(For those of you who read this book way back in 2015/2016 on Wattpad, or even recently, this is the edited version. I've finally edited it and added as well as subtracted a lot of things from the story. As my first work, it was very amateurish and had a lot of mistakes and an almost empty storyline (Not enough detail), and so I tried to fix it ……