Processed by ghosts

Blackmoon Suspense/Thriller

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Ameya Dawson moves to Glasgow along with her niece and nephew, because of her new job. A rewarding job, a beautiful villa and her o cute , there was nothing more Ameya could ask for.

But, is everything as peaceful as it seems?

Very soon Ameya finds her answer.

Strange things start happening in her house and she starts to wake up in the middle of night because of her nightmares.

She brushes off them as her mere hallucinations.

But, soon soon she starts to wake up with bruises all over her body and finds the kids behaving strangely...

What she brushed off as hallucinations soon turns into fear.

It does not take long for Ameya to realize that her house is haunted.

But, how many ghosts are residing with them?

With no one but an arrogant but handsome cop who seems to not trust her as her only aid, Ameya has to go agat the supernatural if she wants to save her nephew and niece.


"Miss Dawson, there can be only o reasons behind your statements. One, your time in the filming industry has added on to your imaginative skills and o..." his baritone voice trailed off, with an arrogant smirk he continued "Your mind must have been screwed or damaged."

"Officer! I'm not making up any stories. This house is truly haunted."

"Don't push your crimes upon some invisible and non-existing ghosts. You are coming to the station with me, now!" he declared.



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