Underworld Detective: The story of Eva


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They say god only gives you as much as you can handle in your life, because for some reason it’s in his cosmic play for people all over the world. Well in some people’s cases you wonder if it was possible to ask him to back pedal it just a bit. I guess I would put myself in that category, pretty much from the day I was born. It’s been one complication after another and my legs have been swept out from underneath me every single chance for more s**t to come my way. People would consider these ideas of mine melodramatic but not when it comes to my life; I was born in a world secret to the world normal humans live in. On the outside, I pass as an everyday human but running through my blood is generations after generations of shifter; specifically wolves blood. If you really want to put a name to what I am….Hollywood has glamorized us as a Lycan, not a werewolf; o completely different types of wolves in my book.

You would think being a monster, hidden among humans is what complicated my life the most but it doesn’t even register in the top five worst moments in my life. It was the color of my fur that made me – unwanted, hated and never wanted. “Never wanted” were the last words I remember my mother saying to the man she gave me to when I was four years old. Robert Langstone, a 42-year-old half breed shifter with the Colorado Police Department. Makes you wonder what kind of man, would take a kid who wasn’t even his own into his home; let alone keep in his life


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Chapter 16


         Back at the house….


         Connor paced the living-room floor still pissed at the fight but was confused as well because the fight went to 0 to 60 in a matter of minutes. He had fights with her before but they work……