Ache and Hunger

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"I'll take over your entire world, your thoughts, your dreams, I'll make you forget your name. You'll be mine for as long as I deem you necessary and you'll love every second I use you, Alexis. Just say that two words that you wanted to say the moment you laid eyes on me", He spoke the words in that tone of his that made something inside me whine with need.

His words washed over me like a colossal wave trying to drown me in his truth. His large hand on my upper arm tightened as I turned tried to subtly run away from his words like the coward I am. I knew he wouldn't let me leave until his patience ran out, and he would demand an answer from me. I bit the inside of my cheek to stop myself from imagining what he'd do to me to get that answer. Yet still, a shiver ran down my spine that has nothing to do with the cold weather. Warmth touched my cheek in the form of his other massive hand. He turned my face so that I was looking in his direction. He let out a sigh when he found my eyes were closed tightly.

"Alexis, you're wearing my patience," he sounded disappointed as he spoke those words. Had he expected me to be honest with him right away? Yeah, like I am capable of such things.

I wanted this, him. And yet I selfishly wanted the man that hunted my dreams as well. The man in front of me is real, and I could have it now. I opened my eyes, staring deep into his dark brown eyes that almost looked black.

Be brave. I spoke the words he wanted to hear, and I wanted to say, "I'm yours."


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Chapter 50: Peace, Dread, Repeat

Corciel’s Pov:

“Is this really necessary?”, Corciel asked as he stared down at the sex toy on the bed beside the bottle of lube. 

“Yes. Don’t worry Doll will be wearing one as well.” I reassured him as I lifted my hand to caress his cheek. 

I sighed at the feeling ……