Writing camp- Ocean’s Apart


Robyn Lia-Sakac Romance

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Rylee has spent years doting over her husband and has always put his needs before her own. one day, she comes home to find her husband in bed with another woman. That rips her apart and shatters her heart. Rylee wastes no time and packs up all of her belongings, and goes back home to her parents until she can get back on her feet. One day, while having a coffee with her best friend, Alecia, Rylee decides to go to the airport and buy a one-way ticket to America because what do you do in a crisis? Usually, woman colour or cut their hair or go on a diet but not Rylee. She packs everything up and leaves it with her parents to look after because over the years; she has made internet friends she can stay with, so Rylee leaves Australia for an adventure in the big apple to get over her breakup and to find herself again once Rylee arrives in America the fun begins Rylee meets up with her friends and hits some nightclubs and meets new people that's how Rylee meets Rick but Rylee doesn't want a thing Rick has to offer so, Rick comes up with a plan to get the mysterious Australian woman who tested his patients and Rejected him, so he makes it his mission to make her his will he win Rylee over or will Rylee catch on to his game and leave him high and dry or will Rick win Rylee’s heart and help Rylee to heal Rick will stop at nothing to get Rylee’s Love and attention because little does Rylee know Rick owns the Hotel that she is staying in with her friends. A surprise room upgrade gains Rylee’s attention.


Tags: billionaireindependentconfidentsweetlightheartedhighschoolsmall towncheatingslow burnwifeStary Writing Academy III
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*Rylee’s POV*

We have been in the states for six months, and I have settled into my new position, and I love interviewing the indy car drivers

Rick has been getting his tattoo business up and running and has had a few indy car drivers as clients. They saw the tattoo he did for Scotty, and now he has a co……


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