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A story of a love gone wrong, having a taste of revenge, wanting justice, seeking forgiveness and starting over again.

In a small town of Keswick Falls, lived a beautiful woman named Laureana Montaner. At age 18, a lot of men tried to win her heart. Unfortunately, she only had eyes for Alejandro Ortega. They married each other and had one child — Hope. Series of tragedies started to happen since their union but it became worse when their daughter was born. Afraid for their lives, they have decided enough is enough. Their family moved to Creedan Hills when Hope turned six.

Fifteen years later, Hope decided to take a vacation with her friends in tow to her parents’ hometown after graduating from university. She has been keeping her communication open with her childhood friend who lives across the street, Lucas Lopez. Little did she know that he is keeping a secret from her.

A secret that might destroy their friendship and the love blossoming beeen them.


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