The Virtuous Heir

Mantasha Anjum Billionaire

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Do you recognize me?

When we met in a Boarding school,
I was 6
You were 8

I didn't know you that well,
And I've only seen you around

Oh my,
You caught my eye
At first glance

A year later,
We met again
You knew my name
And made me blush

We became friends,
And I made you laugh
With those jokes of mine

Everything was fine,
Until your father took you away
And I haven't seen you since

Since you were,
My childhood crush
I wondered
If you ever came back

Will we fill the distance that lack?

The Agnelli Family
The most Dazzling Empire in Italy,

But never judge a book by it's cover,

'A Family is supposed to be our Safe Heaven. But very often, it's the place where we find the Deepest pain.'

Meet Zane Agnelli
The youngest member of the Agnelli family. There was nothing soft about him. He was a hard and jaded man, cut from a ruthless cloth.

He was a Storm which destroys anything in his path.

The Agnelli Family was an Ocean filled with fishes that fights, blames, attacks to get on the top.

But they didn't know that Zane Agnelli was the stongest, deadliest, and poisonous Shark of them all......

Meet Winona Soros
A loving member of the Respected and Wealthy family in America.

The Soros Family

She was the Backbone of her family.
Her parents were proud to have a daughter like her.
Her father wishes to have her work alongside him.

But then,
She met a Boy
She was 8
He was the Son of her Father's friend
He approached her with kindness and gentleness
She fell in love with him and decided to only love him till Death do them part
'Her Zeke Agnelli.'


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