Wild Horses

Janis Ross Romance

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Rose was a hard worker and a quiet young lady that loved being a part of Wild Horses Ranch that her and her father owned together. Her father bought it for her mother because it was her dream. When she passed away a few years back he made Rose co-owner. Her life was all about the ranch and it meant everything to her so when a sexy ranch hand her father hires behind her back comes in and tries to take over will she follow her heart and let love in or will she push him out like she has everyone else.


Tags: CountrysideOpposites AttractSecond ChanceFriends to LoversNerdGoodgirlGentleSensitiveComedySweet
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8 months later


Rose's pov


I can't believe today was the day. We were finally going to bring our baby into the world. Well it turns out I was pregnant. Lee has been so wonderful. He is so excited to be a dad.


We got married a few months ago. We had a simple cere……