I'm Forbidden To Love You


Nandhu Romance

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****Entry for Royal Romance Competition****

Ryan couldn’t believe that he would be this unfortunate that fate decided to be cruel to him.

The one person everyone searches for, longs for, yearns for…

He too wanted that…

He wanted it so much, the person that would complete him, understand him, light the fire of love and passion in him.

But, as the prince of an honorable country, he was restricted in his choices when it comes to love.

Then, why?

Why the hell he fell in love with a maid of all people?


Zelda, who didn’t have any last name, was born to serve. It’s not as if anyone cared about her last name since she was just a maid.

Not even a lady-in-waiting, just a maid who attended the clothes of her Princess, washing and keeping it clean.

Zelda, the maid of the Princess. Not just any princess, Princess of the mermaid land.

Her life took a dangerous turn when she met the Prince, Ryan Burton. She was being pulled forcefully in his orbit. She could not avoid him even if she tried to. Her life will be in danger if anyone found her speaking with him in a close manner, but, she could not stop seeking his presence even if she wanted to.

She was not allowed to look at him, yet, he could not look away from her.

She wasn’t allowed to be near his presence, yet, he wanted nothing else but to be near her.

She wasn’t even allowed to touch the things he used, yet, all he wanted was to touch her, feel her, hold her close, and to never let go of her.

First, attraction, which turned into desire, which then blossomed into a love that was slowly morphing into possessiveness and obsession.

Read the story to find the forbidden love story of Prince Ryan and the maid Zelda he fell for. Ryan loved a person he was forbidden to even interact with. It didn’t seem simple and fate was definitely not kind to him and to top it all, the maid had a secret of her own which would ruin both of their life.

#Royal Romance Writing Contest


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Ryan looked at the way the light of the rising sun pierced through the darkness, starting the day of everyone around the world.

The messenger eagle was as majestic as it usually was. It was an intelligent creature that knew how to avoid the enemies and deliver the letter only to the receiver and not anyone else.


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