The Beta's best friend


Geneedwards Fantasy

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Catalina Carr also known as Kat by her best friend and in the pack she's from Shadow Pack.

Derrick Ambrose is soon to be Beta of the Shadow Pack and Cat's best friend.

Those two are like bread and jam, Mac and cheese. They get along so well that their parents joked about them rejecting their mates to be with each other.

Also there's Lucas Brown, soon to be alpha of the pack, he went anyway six years ago to undergo special training to become a strong alpha like his father was.

Cat and Derrick were only 14 when Lucas left since he was two years older than them.

So what happens when Lucas return and is announce alpha of the pack?

What will happen if Cat confesses her feelings to someone special and the others get involved in the cross match?

One word: Trouble.

Forget love triangle and clichés, this is battle for love.

Who will win?
Who will be left heartbroken?
Will a strong friendship be able to withstand this new problem when feelings get involved?

Read to find out.


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4 years later

4 years later

Cat’s POV:

“Mommy, mommy”, my two year old daughter comes running towards me.

“What’s the matter sweetheart?” I lift her up.

“Jace was being mean to me”, she hugs me tightly as her older brother approaches us.

“I’m sorry Cathy, I’ll play with you”, he apologizes to her and she looks down ……