The Black Scorpion Mafia Family


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Finn Bailey is the head leader of the Black Scorpion Mafia.Finn is known as a ruthless,arrogant, cold hearted and a very powerful man.Finn shows mercy to knowone. Finn the oldest of three siblings who cares for nothing more than his family and mafia crime family.Finn is tall, very sexy, dark and handsome. A womanizer who is great in bed.It`s nothing that he hates more than a liar.If you betray him you will not live to see it or tell anyone about it.

Blue Walker is a very normal girl. She`s an aboundingly beautiful girl that has had a
hard life. Blue`s father and brothers blamed Blue for her mother`s death. Blue is the youngest of her siblings.Blue`s family did cruel things to her.Blue has a boyfriend that she has been dating for four years and they love each other.The man who she thought loved her, her boyfriend of four years destroyed her entire life when he r***d her.The result of this horrible experience as traumatic as it was Blue became pregnant. She brought a beautiful baby boy to the world. Her son name is Ethan and he is her whole world.

When Finn and Blue meet will it be love at first sight or will they both go through hell and back to be together or will they go there separate ways?

They both have secrets, will they tell each other there secrets or will they find out about there secrets on they own?

Lets find out.


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Ethan`s Birthday Party Part 2

 Finn left the main warehouse then he told Fox to pull over and call Taylor to see how everything is going with getting Dan's ass.

B (Boss)T (Taylor)

T: I was just about to call you, Boss we have Dan and we're taking him to King Street warehouse like you instructed .

B: Good, put him in a cell and cuff him up. I want 4 men……