MeL Q Vampire/Werewolf

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After being punished by the Moon Goddess for a sin that he had committed. Samuel's life became miserable; a spell was cast on him bounding him to have an eternal life of isolation and torment.

During which, he gathered the Lycans of other packs- the rouges, forming the most powerful pack, then naming it 'Lycan Hill'. He was known for his smart moves and mindset. His actions were peculiar and unexpected. Nobody ever heard the name of his pack and didn't feel a shiver run through their spine. It became infamous among all the other packs.

Hundreds of years later, the Moon Goddess decided to give Samuel a second chance and an obligation. He had to find the person that breaks his spell, only then will he return to how he was. He had to find his mate.


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Chapter XVI


"Yea. I don't think so." I could feel that person's body being removed forcefully. It was just a split second before the knife was stuck in my neck. "The skill of patience is not one of my specialties, you see."  

I slowly opened my eyes and I could see the world again after I thought that I would n……