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Rafah Suspense/Thriller

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Sequel to 'Unpredictable Betrayal'.

Zaynab has been through a series of unimaginable events, from fake love, domestic violence to love triangle and friendship conflict.

Read as she tries to overcome her fear of the one thing she's tried to escape while in search of her son.

Will the thing she's most afraid of be the light to her darkness? Or will it shatter her further?


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Chapter 24- Be Careful


“What did you eat beforehand?“,Abiodun asks Abisola who curls up in a ball on the couch.

“The same thing everyone else ate, jollof rice”,Abeke replies.

“That’s all you ate?“,he asks Abisola who doesn’t reply.

“Ola. What did you eat?“,he repeats.

“Chocolate”,she whispers.

“What type?“.

She sticks h……