One Night With The Alpha


Ember P. Wolf Paranormal

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After a one night stand, Amelie and her best friend Misty end up pregnant. With no way to contact the men, both women decide to raise the children themselves. What both women don’t know is that they are mated to a pair of werewolves. Very powerful werewolves. What will happen when both women meet up with their one-night stand once again? Will they believe the unbelievable or will they run and keep the one night stand in the past? Follow the story of Amelie as she tries her best to make sense of the crazy life she has been thrown into.


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“Alana! Alana get down here this instant!” 

The thumping of heavy footsteps made me aware of where she was. I sighed as the sound of the running footsteps grew closer. 

“Yes, mother?” Alana questioned with a doe-eyed look on her face. 

I tried to keep myself f……